Q: Who is FruitVibe?

A: FruitVibe was started in May of 2014 by three grade-school friends, Sam, James, & Austin! Sparked by the interest in a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, the three friends began juicing as a delicious and nutritious way to a vegan diet. Check the About page for more info!

Sam & James gaze out onto the sunset, pondering life's existential questions and new juice combinations, of course. (Austin's behind the camera!)

Q: How do I get my hands on some of my own FruitVibe juices!?

A: Interested in trying some of our hand-crafted, fresh, raw juices for yourself?  To order your own, simply send us an email at thefruitvibe@gmail.com or a text at (216) 712-1919 for pick up or delivery within the Northeastern Ohio region!  As well as ordering your own, you can also stop in at Lake Road Market in Rocky River or any of our other stockists in the Cleveland region to check what flavors we stocked the shelves with! 


Q: Is your juice all organic?

A: At the moment, we use 90+% organic fruits and vegetable juices in all of our juices, along with sourcing as much local produce from urban farms around the area.  Check out our local produce section to find out what is coming from where to know exactly who and what is behind the juice in every FruitVibe bottle!


Q: Why do I only have a couple of days to drink my juice?

A: FruitVibe juices are not pasteurized.  As well as not being pasteurized, our juices are also not treated with high-pressure processing (HPP).  Although these processes extend the life of the juices, making them acceptable to drink long past the 3-5 day shelf life, it also eliminates many bacteria in the juice that can be beneficial for your body! 

As our juices are not processed whatsoever, you can be reassured of the freshness of our juice, allowing you to receive all of nature's goodness! Even check out the back of the bottle to see what day your juice was made!